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How to use TZ AdsWord?

1. Go to Administrator->Install Manager->Install TZ AdsWord

2. Components->TZ AdsWord you will see

Tz adsword main.png

3. To create a keyword. Focus to Add a Tip area.

  • Search: Input keyword
  • Title: Tooltip's title (System will automatic if you do not set it)
  • Redirect URL: URL of Keyword. You can input External Link or Choose a Internal Link with Select Articles.
  • Enable Category List: Choose categories which keyword has affected.
  • Case Insensitive: Allows case insensitive searchs
  • Mutiline: Search on multi-line
  • Word Number: Word Number in Text or HTML body. It is default if not set.
  • Tooltip: Enable/Disable tooltip feature
  • Width Tip: Width of Tooltip
  • Published: Publish/Unpublish keyword.

4. Save and see it work :) Note: if you want edit keyword. Click a keyword, edit information and Save it. See a result and Have fun :)

TZ AdsWord

TZ AdsWord has option to display tooltip. This document will help you learn about display tooltip.


  • Goto Administrator >> Components >> E-Lite Tip
  • Click to New Toolbar to New a Tooltip
  • Choose Tooltip is Show
  • Define Word Number to show on Tip.

Redirect URL

There are two way to Redirect URL which are External and Internal.

1. External link: You can type your external link. For example with

Redirect url.png

2. Internal link: You can choose an article in yoursite to redirect. Click Select button and choose one article.

Select article.png