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  • "Options" is a very important part, it is used to set default values ​​to run out sites such as: text title number, how many items on a page....
  • "Options" appears on the toolbar in all views


  • After selecting "Options", interface shows as following

Index option.png

  • "Options" is divided into five sections, each corresponding to each functional view

Tz Pinboard

In this section. configuration for Pinboard, Tags, Search

Choose a layout

select the type of paging with three types of paging

Choose a layout.png

  • Default: Normal paging style
  • Ajax button: Type paging use ajax button
  • Ajax lnfinite Scroll: Type paging when the browser scroll

Type Detail

You want your website to show detailed article by style

Type detail.png

  • Link: move to another page
  • Light box: displayed on a page as a box

Type Show

show pins by Title or Date


Pins arrangement

Arrange pins by asc or desc


Show tag, Show title

show or hide title and tags in the pin details

Show Tags.png

Column width

set the width of Pins with the default is 233px


  • For example, we set the width of Pins is 233px, it will show on webpage as

Article Limit

  • limit how many Pins on a page, the default is 10 Pins/page
  • For example, we set 3pins on a page, on webpage it will show as

Limit Likes, Limit Follow

  • limit how many Pins Like, Pins follow on a page in view manageruser
 Limit follow.png

Follow column width

  • set the width of Follow column, the default is 300px in view manageruser
  • For example, we set the width of Follow column is 300px, on webpage it will show as following
 Ex follow.png

Select a menu item

  • This option is used to retrieve the Menu ItemID which has been set default 110. It is used for view Tags, when viewing the details of a certain Pins which has many tags but some tags have not been created Menu. Those tags will receive ItemID of Menu assigned in "select a menu item".
 Select a menu item.png

TZ Images

  • Display configuration and insert images
   Index option images.png

Image Thumbnails, Detail, Repin

  • show images thumbnails , detail, repin
*This option allows selection of images display according to how much size, 5-size: Medium, XSmall, Small, Large, XLarge. The default is Medium
  Image detal repin.png

Resize images

  • when pin image, the image is divided into 5, the size of each image was configured as shown below
  Resize img.png

TZ Board

  • Configuration as for boards

Moderator appove board

  • config functions of the board status when users create

  Arr board.png

Limit Images pins

  • limit image display of the pin at the board, default value is 4
  • For example, display 3 images of pins
 Limit img board.png

Board column width

  • the width of the board with the default is 233 px

Number pins on one page of board

  • click to see a particular board, this option allows you configure how many Pins on a page of the board

  Number pin on board.png

Text name and alias and description

  • configure the number of text for name board and board description
  • For example, configure text board is 100, you can input maximum text board is 100 characters.

Limit boards

  • limit how many Boards on a page the default is 10 Boards / 1 page

  • For example, you set 1 board on one page, it will appear as follow


TZ Pins

  • Configuration as for pins in view manageruser

Moderator approve pins

  • configuration functions of the pin status when users create

  Tz-pins arr.png

Pins column width

  • the width of the pins with the default is 233px
  • For example, when you set the Pins width 233px, it will appear in manageruser view as follow

Limit Pins

  • Limit Pins number on one page, the default is 10 pins/ 1 page

  • For example, when you set 3 pins on a page, it will look like:


Text Keywords and title and description

  • Configure the number of text for Keywords, title and description when you create pin
  • For example, when you configure text for Keywords and title is 100, and description is 100.

TZ Comments

  • Configuration as for Comments

Moderator approve comments

  • configuration functions of the comments status


Show date

  • configure display the date of comments

  • For example

Text Comments

  • configure the number of text for Comments
  • For example, configure text Comments is 100 characters.

Limit comments

  • limit how many comments on one page, the default is 5 comments/page

  Limit comment.png
  • For example, we set 2 comments on one page


Limit comment detail

  • limit how many comments on one page, the default is 5 comments/page in view detail


Remove and change text

  • Remove text: Sometimes a few comments on the inappropriate and malicious website which you do not want it to appear on your website.

and want remove it. you fill in a text entry "remove text" and separated by, ex(love,you).

  • Change text : Text you want to remove is replaced with a word or phrase that you define. you just enter a word or phrase into the "change text"
  • note: when pins from browser. if the keywords or title or description contains the word or phrase you have configured in the "remove text", the url will be rejected
  • For example, I want to remove the word "sex,mad" and replace with "***"
  Ex-remove text.png